Thursday, 25 October 2012

Adios Colombia, hola Ecuador.

Abundant Crops of potatoes, peas, beans, broad beans, tobacco, tamarillos, and maize surround us. There are cows, too.
People are cultivating land high above us on the mountainsides.
We are at 2,800m as we leave Chachagui. It is 1degree north of the equator and we wearing several layers of Icebreaker clothing. It is 12.5degreesC at the coolest part of our ride.

Cars and buses wear their registration numbers on their side panels and front and rear plates.motorcyclists wear them on the back of their jackets and helmets.

Sometimes the road surface is uneven. Yesterday we rode through a valley that had experienced huge landslides last year. The road had slumps.

The intense cultivation, deforestation and high rainfall make the land geologically unstable.

We have seen many rockfalls on the road. Some happening as we ride by. The rocks are a hazard for us. Men with shovels and barrows were dealing with them.

We say goodbye to Colourful Colombia. We have enjoyed our visit. Everyone has been friendly. The countryside is beautiful. There are very few tourists. Our immigration and bike exits are the smoothest and quickest so far.

Hello, Ecuador.

The boys are in cuddly school uniforms. It is cold.

Warning signs. We saw lots of these in Colombia,too. Double yellow lines use lots of paint and have no influence on overtaking behaviour.

Arid places give way to rolling lush pasture and crop lands. It seems very similar to England and Europe- except we are 9000' above sea level.

Road works refreshments.

A huge luscious welcome smile...

Location:Chachagui, Colombia to Ibarra, Ecuador

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