Wednesday, 31 October 2012

In the beginning

A pelican was waiting for us as we approached the landing.

Visit the Galapagos while you are fit and agile!

Boobies, frigate birds, finches, mockingbirds passively await visitors. Posing. Sometimes in pairs.

In the beginning I was amazed at the tranquility. Animals living peaceably side by side.  Predator and prey. Frigate birds and boobies.

Birds were nesting on the ground and on low shrubs.  They seemed oblivious to our presence.

Does peace prevail in the absence of threats?

Makeup on and best side facing the camera.
Red footed boobies

We could observe the lifecycle of the Nazca boobies.
Mother and her clutch of eggs.

Nazca boobie chick

Boobie, mother and chick

Romance is in the air.

Juvenile red footed boobies cluster together on shrubs and develop their flying skills.

Frigate birds.

Magnificent frigate
His red throat is deflated for now.

Golden lava cactus are among the first to colonize the lava flows.

Resting on the lava flow. Gazing at the birds soaring in the cliff top breeze.

Finches are a feature of Darwin's theories.  A nectar feeder is busy.

A fur seal waits to say goodbye. When we came back later to snorkel he swam with us.

The barren landscape is a safe haven for many birds and terrestrial insects and reptiles. There are no rats or other mammalian predators - apart from humans.

later in the day we visited another site. Great courtship dancing on show.

Parents tend their chick. Shared care.

The lion shall rest with the lamb.
The frigate on the right is a predator of the boobie when they are at sea. The mocking bird is a spectator.

Magnificent Frigate bird resting on sandalwood shrubbery.

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