Saturday, 15 September 2012

Words are not always needed...

..but I'll add some.
You can estimate the size of this flag using the power poles as a reference. It was huge. It was raised at 7am with military music - so I am told. I was asleep. Jetlag visited momentarily yesterday.
I love flags - kites, anything the flies... Especially flags as they furl and unfurl, sensuously folding into themselves and then opening to the world in response to the wind.
Our ride is a bit like that. Sometimes we are at rest, other times we are on the move feeling the wind's caress. A wonderful sensation on these hot days. Sometimes we are buffeted.

The sea billows close in and lift through the morning as we ride through the sandy desert.

Into many kilometers of cacti forest.

This agriculture checkpoint offered the possibility of inspection.

So, too, did this advance signal of a military checkpoint.
Visual images can be so much more powerful than words.
Most of the road signs are pictographs. Similar to Canada. There is the added kinesthetic signal of speed bumps to slow down - on entry to towns and on curva peligrosa (big curves).

This sinuous road was so perfect it made me feel we were on a games board..

These corners always give me a sense of anticipation. You just never know...

sometimes it is not what I expect. It reminded me of the road over the pass into the Vale of Kashmir in Ladakh. In an instant the road changed. I was not afraid today.

It changed again as we caught sight of the Sea of Cortes. Beautiful beaches, sea the colour of the Adriatic and azure skies.

Even truck drivers get to visit the beach.

Nearing our destination . Goats. Surreal greens, cacti forests and stormclouds.

Safe for the night?!

Location:Guerrero Negro to Loreto South BC 412km

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