Thursday, 13 September 2012

The last... Ensalada

Pointing the way to Mexico.

San Diego lunch

Multichoice selection card. A+ for me.

For the Nana's ... To keep you sweet!

Within a moment of meeting our hearts met. My journey is blessed when I meet a kindred soul.
Pat sings 'open mike' around San Diego. I sing open mike under my helmet.
Sometimes I am bold. When I was with my dear friend Doris on Sunday the angels sang with us.

On the highway to San Diego. Slow motion.

This is what it feels like on the flyovers.

At the border. We were especially chosen... For a once-over search.

Guns and ammo prohibited in Mexico. But salads might be our nemesis... We have been warned.

Tijuana. Getting ready for National Day celebrations this weekend. Stylish public buildings.

It is easier to enter than to leave Mexico. Long queues of vehicles on the other side of the fence.

High fences. No man's land.

The pacific coast.

An alternate ride.

Just looking.

Huge flags -the cruise ship funnel is dwarfed by this flag in Ensenada.

Wine country. Flagged, too.

Street food. Just looking.

Dinner time, San Vincente. Beef rancheros.

Location:San Vincente, Mexico 339km today 457km so far.


Anonymous said...

Hi. The Diana Special Burger looks very yummy! How cool to be able to create your own! Jayne xx

Diana said...

It was yummy - a foretaste of things to come.