Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Ready... Set.....Go

We spent several hours at the BMW service place today.
Here I am settling in.
Great spectator viewing.
Including LAPD and CHIPS officers coming in with bikes or to look at bikes.

Mella on the hoist. She ended up her treatment with a complete body scrub.

Ebony about to have a test ride.

"To protect and to serve" LAPD bike. Lockable weapons holders at front and rear.
I am still not comfortable seeing the handguns in the officers' belts.

Plenty of appealing sparkling bikes saying "look at me"

Minimum wage - a reality check.

We are in the carpool lane, heading south to Newport Beach...

and a lovely catchup with Ros and Kathy. The bikes seemed quite at home here.

Off to Laguna Beach for the night.

Flags at half mast. It is the eleventh anniversary of 9/11today.

Location:LA, Orange County, Newport Beach, Laguna beach. 118km


Anonymous said...

Looking good mum H. Can't wait to read aobut your next adventures. Love J, c n P xx

Diana said...

You are a gem in my life.