Sunday, 16 September 2012

On the road

While we were having breakfast teenage boys were out running. The finish line was in the town square. Splendid trophies await. I didn't see any girls...

These images capture the contemplative activity on the back of the bike today.

Time for a coffee break after 81km of straight road with only dips into fords for variety. Huge agri-business farms - beef and crops pushing aside the cactus.

Christina is a primary schoolteacher. She kindly used her skills to teach us in Spanish about her sister who is about to have a baby. She is having a boy and wanted us to offer names. So we did. Ricardo Ken.

A storm ahead.

Into La Paz.

La Paz is a UNESCO world heritage site. Whales and cultural things for me to learn about.

The seabirds swooped as the fishing boats returned. A fishing competition.

Flags and bunting abound. It is the National Day tomorrow.

I feel like this character.
I am blessed to be on this trip.

Location:Loreto, La Paz 363km today 1743km so far.

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