Friday, 28 September 2012

Oaxacan dinner - Catedral de Oaxaca - la comida es muy buena!

There are some meals I never forget.
This will one of them.
The company, the location and the food.
I have an organoleptic memory. I remember taste, colour, texture and the smell of food... and events associated with food. Once upon a time I worked in a research facility that was the first to set up a taste panel in New Zealand.
I am quite good at reproducing flavours in the kitchen. This meal would be a challenge to that skill because there are mysterious ingredients and some I can't obtain in New Zealand.
For starters...
Grasshoppers. Nido de chapulines al olivo servidos con guacamole y tortillas de mano. Grasshoppers with olive oil served with guacamole and hand made tortillas.

Garnachas sandungueras con col curada y carne de res
Small fried tortillas Tehuantepec style with beef and shredded marinaded cabbage.

Pulpos escondidos del puerto con aroma de ajo, gelle de jitomate y cubos de aguacate.
Octopus with garlic oil, tomato jelly and avocado cubes

For our mains...
Costillar de cerdo confitado con mole verde.
Confit of pork ribs with green mole, and a side of green beans and potato pearls.

Short rib braseado en Chichilo de Tiacolula.
Braised beef rib in Chichilo mole from Tiaclula

Fantasia de chocolate de metate con alma de Chilhuacle (servido con helado de chocolate)
Authentic handmade chocolate pastry with Chilhuacle chili, served with chocolate icecream

Chenin blanc from Ensenada, Baja California. A perfect match.

Lovely room. Lovely service from Oscar.


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