Monday, 27 August 2012

I would never have believed it...

This morning we set off from San Luis Obispo on the last day of this stage of the journey to Patagonia.
We have arrived safely in the City of Angels.

This has been an extraordinary 60 days in my life. Without Dick's loving encouragement I would not have begun this journey. He has exceptional planning and riding skills and always focuses on the important things.

I have learned many things during our weeks in the wilderness and in the desert. It has been an inward journey as well as an outward journey. Our own Outward Bound experience.

The highlight has been the people I have met on the way. Every little conversation is an essential part of this journey. The deep personal sharing has been a blessing.

We are taking a 2 week break to go back to New Zealand. We will be on the road again on 10 September.

Day 60 begins

Fueling up

Arriving at our hotel on Santa Monica Boulevard ... on the original Route 66.

Along the way...


Market gardens in Guadalupe

Santa Barbara


Many motorbikes at Malibu

NASA Space Endeavour Camp. This reminded us of our special friends, Jim and Bernie in Florida, who hosted us to Space Shuttle STS 131 launch 5April, 2010

And Vandenberg where the Polar Orbits are launched.

Smart red cars

The deputy sheriff having a serious chat.

Lots of traffic

Beverley hills

A well known address.

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