Tuesday, 18 September 2012

I'm falling in love...

...with the food.
Everything Aaron our Mexican Food Technologist in Auckland told me about Mexican food is true. By the way, there is a shortage of food technologists in New Zealand and last year we needed to look further afield. We were fortunate that Aaron, who trained as a food technologist in Mexico, has joined our team.
Over the last two days in La Paz I have enjoyed eating...
Brocheta - kebabs with seafood - prawns with capsicum, onion, tomatoes

Molcajete- a spicy stew, mine contained chicken, chorizo, cactus, onion bulbs, a chilli, and a firm white cheese, served in an extremely hot volcanic stone mortar( the molcajete)

Camarons con tocino- juicy prawns wrapped in smoky bacon

Pescado frito- whole fried fish

...With La Paz
The waterfront is superb. Our hotel is opposite the Harbour and we can wander along the several km of tiled promenade dotted with sea themed sculptures, cafes and restaurants.
La Reina del mar. Queen of the sea.

A full scale sculpted ballena (whale) made from plastic bottles glistens in the sun and glows green at night. Whale watching is on offer when the whales come from the northern oceans to the Sea of California each January to calve.

...with the pearls
Hotel Perla (Hotel Pearl) where we are staying is La Paz' first hotel. Pearls were a thriving industry until the revolution 1910-1920. Steinbeck's novel 'The Pearl' is set in this town.
There just happens to be a pearl shop nearby and I have found some teardrop earrings which will remind me of this lovely place.
... With the people
Everyone has been so friendly - and patient when I say "Solo hablo un poco de espanol." I am glad we learned some Spanish. I am also glad that Dick learned a lot of Spanish! He is my dictionary.
I can organize accommodation, order meals, find the banos, go to the bank, and make new friends.
Unusual shellfish from the Harbour contained 'scallop' meat. A squeeze of
lime and I am offered a taste. Tasted good.
It reminded me of scalloping with Tom Bryant at Okiwi Bay last summer. What a feast we had then.

Today I got my hair cut. For those who read about the 'shortcut' in Calgary take a look the next iteration.
The big reveal. Not quite 'shave for a cure'!

Even here I got sprung.
I was explaining... in Spanish.. that we were on a motorcycle trip and had been to Alaska and were heading for Patagonia. The hombre in the azul shirt asked "?esta una maestra?" "Were you a teacher?"
I replied, "Si" and he roared with laughter. He was a teacher. Maybe it was because I was speaking slowly and using Spanish words with one syllable!

A well balanced dog, paddle boarding with his master at sunset.

Children and their families promenade along the Malecon. Children ride on bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades, in little cars, and reclining tricycles.

What a wonderful city.

Location:La Paz

Location:La Paz. Rest day.


Yvonne said...

I would dearly loved to have been with you for all the yummy food,love the new haircut looks really good.

Diana said...

You would love all this food. Especially the marisco - the seafoods. We were blessed to be brought up in a family that lived near the sea and where we were always encouraged to eat a variety of good food.