Friday, 28 September 2012

Hot chocolate and fresh tamales.

From the cacao beans to the cup. Hot chocolate Mayordomo style.
Life is full of firsts. Here are two more for us.

The beans are crushed and ground to order in these machines.

Customers were lined up waiting for their preselected cacao beans to be ground either to a paste or to powder in these machines. A bit like waiting for your coffee beans to be ground.

Meanwhile, Martha is blending the milk and chocolate for our chocolate caliente with a wooden gizmo.

Two huge cups of frothy hot chocolate served with soft buns.

Alongside Martha, Guille is making tamales.

First select a blanched corn husk. Spread a dollop of dough...

Add some cooked chicken...

Add some red mole...

Fold the corn hush to enclose the filling...

Wrap another corn husk around the one containing the filling...

There you have it, a tamale ready to cook.

Guille happy in her work and happy to share her skills. Me gusta cocinar.


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