Thursday, 20 September 2012


... painted in the sky...

I fly like a bird on the back of the bike. Gliding along and gently banking and sometimes swooping around corners. Sometimes I forget that I am on a bike.

As we rode along the sea front to Pichilingue, the ferry port I spy giant
water slides for swimmers-from the hill down to the ocean. They probably feel like they are flying, too.

We stopped for lunch at CostaBaja resort. Lovely boats in the marina.
I would have accepted an invitation to go fishing yesterday...but we had to do some admin.
My sister in Picton loves fishing and so do I. We started young. I can remember the first time I baited two hooks and dropped my line in the Pelorus and almost instantly caught two blue cod. Last summer at Bulwer, Phil and Sandra took us fishing. The first nibble and I was hooked again.
I am glad of all the memory makers in my life. Memories come to mind at unexpected times. The gift of grace arrives at the right time,too.
Perhaps I need to be on this long journey.

Dos amigos in camouflage!
Red Icebreaker 150 tee shirt back on full duty. You have now seen my entire wardrobe. Three Icebreaker t's, bike trousers, two pairs of travel trousers and two light shirts, swimsuit and sarong. I have reduced my luggage to 3.7kg for this leg of the journey. Evenso it feels like a lot when we climb stairs in the tropical heat.
The Draggin jeans with Kevlar mesh have come out from the bottom of my bag. I'll have to buy a belt for them. I altered their centre of gravity- and my decency - when I loaded all the important things in the pockets this morning.

Down to the bowels calientes of the cargo hold. Dick nearly melted. Pillion passengers were excluded from this part of the ship.

Damien wearing his exoskeleton. A motorbike jacket consisting of armour to protect spine, shoulders and elbows connected with mesh. Damien is a chef at Cabo. He gave me great recommendations of regional foods to try.

The sky on fire.

New moon

Location:Pichilingue, Baja ferry crossing to Mazatlan. 18 hours

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