Thursday, 27 September 2012

Food galore

At the traffic lights

Tunas, aka nopales, prickly pears or cactus fruit are in season. They have lots of seeds and taste a bit like a just ripe kiwi fruit.

Cactus is sliced or chopped and used in lots of dishes. I ate it in a molcjete dish in La Paz.

A cactus plantation.

We are now in the tropics. It is great to have fresh coconuts known as cocos here. A freshly opened chilled coco is delicious and together with the flesh was my lunch yesterday.

Maize is grown all over the country side, on fertile flats, on mountainsides at 6000'+

Take a peek at these juice options offered in a restaurant. Choose your ailment then choose your juice.

There we many miles of this crop. It is a grain with leaves lie, corn. Let me know what it is.

Are these soy beans? - with chilli.

Pork skin, a huge vat of pork skin rendering away on the footpath outside a restaurant.

Not mine... I didn't have the salad or the bun...

Huevos con jamon y frijoles refritos for breakfast.

Tortillas on the griddle

Pressing the tortilla dough in a wooden press.

The breakfast buffet.

Preserved fruit

And dulce con leche. Like sweetened condensed milk.



Diane said...

I am absolutely intrigued by the cactus as food. how do you get the prickles out...before eating!!

Wonderful pictures, thanks



Diana said...

Hi Diane,
I didn't see the prickles being removed. I'd leave it to an expert. I saw them being chopped and diced when they were de-prickled.