Monday, 24 September 2012

Fashion lineup, fiesta in Morelia, people.

Gorgeous lineup. Almost distracted my driver.

Jeans that look like they need to be painted on.

Market for close fitting clothes

Serenaders in Morelia

Friendly faces.

Clowns were around. There was a fiesta in the square with music and streets performers.


My new bow and arrow. He managed to successfully fire it so that it stuck to the window.

I am going to make the biggest bubble in the world.

Me and my blue eyed doll.

Embroiderer in the square.

With Myra and Emmanuel who will marry in December. They we're very interested in our ride. They asked how long we had been married. 42 years seemed incomprehensible to them. "You are our inspiration" they said.

There was a group of people with disabilities enjoying the fiesta in the square. Special activities had been set up for them to participate.

Location:Leon to Morelia

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