Saturday, 29 September 2012

Count your blessings...

Name them one by one,
And it will surprise you
What The Lord has done.

I could hear my mother's voice today.
She had many sayings and songs that were quoted at appropriate moments. Sometimes counting blessings changed the whole complexion of an issue.
My earliest memories include working beside my mother in the kitchen baking cakes in preserving 'Agee' jar lids in the oven of the wood stove.

My mother was a wonderful cook. She lovingly shared her skills and her recipes.

Today I observed a mother and daughter cooking alongside each other in an al fresco kitchen with a wood fired griddle.

They cooked our breakfast.
Quesadillas y champinon y quesa oaxaqueno.
Quesadillas with mushrooms and Oaxacan cheese (goat cheese, mozzarella style)
First prepare the tortillas by pressing a ball of dough in the tortilla press.

Place the tortilla on the griddle. Pull the cheese apart and place on half of the dough.

Place several spoonsful if cooked mushrooms on top of the cheese.

Select zucchini flowers...

Place them on top of the mushrooms. Add some more mushrooms if desired.

Fold the tortilla over the filling.

Cook for several minutes turn frequently to ensure even browning. Serve.

To make tortilla dough. Cook dried corn in water until tender.

Place the bucket of cooked corn in a taxi and send to the chocolateria where it will be macerated in the machines used to crush chocolate beans - to form a dough.

Here is Jacqueline, a lovely daughter.

This lady was selling a corn-based milk.

Hot chocolate being prepared in the traditional way.

A lovely man splitting a log for the fire.

He oozed sunshine.

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