Thursday, 9 August 2012

Where there is smoke...

The Ice to Ice team setting off from Hailey, Idaho. Thanks, Brian.

In the distance we could see grey clouds with a tinge of smoke.

Farmland was bathed in a golden light.

Sawtooth mountain range from Stanley

Previous forest fires are beginning to regenerate. New life in desolate places.

Firefighters assemble from all over the state. There are hundreds staying at this camp on the road side near Stanley.

A Idaho City a fellow told us that it is mainly pine beetle damaged trees that are burning.

At Idaho city Dick was served a man-sized BLAT

Victor at Stanley cooked my chicken gumbo. He began growing his beard when he bought his truck 26 months ago. It will be paid off at the end of this year - about the time we finish our journey to Patagonia. The truck is red. Red with special effects. It glistens with red pearl in some light and with purple in other light. It is a Chevrolet Silverado and he loves it.

Sunset tonight in Boise, Idaho.

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