Sunday, 12 August 2012

Where have we been? Where are we going? Where are we today?

Last night we had a challenge to see who could remember all the places we have stayed since we left Vancouver on 28 June, 45 days ago.
We have travelled 13,267km through British Columbia, the Yukon, Alaska, Alberta, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Nevada and Utah. We have stayed in 34 different places. My 'How far, So far?' post lists them.

The 'highlighted' route on this map is the general plan.

We have had a great day in Salt Lake City.

(My hair is recovering from a miscommunication in Calgary. The hairdresser had minimal English. Her vocab included 1/2 inch, 1inch. I though she meant 1/2 inch trim. I ended up with 1/2inch of hair left all over - shortest it has ever been. A (good?) cut for this hot weather).
This notice was on the breakfast table. Table serving staff get $2.25/hr in Utah. We have been tipping all the way through the USA - this is the most explicit statement we have seen.

Street art was everywhere as part of Temporary Museum of Permanent Change - a museum without walls. I love art in public places.
The first pieces were A Celebration of the Human Hand.

This quilt was outdoors. It had pockets - note the parking ticket.

Borders of flowers in Temple Square provided me with the floral thrill for today.

These lovely young Mormon Sisters explained the layout and offered to show us around. Sister Wong from Hawaii and Sister Puttapong from Thailand. They're staying in Salt Lake City for 18 months as missionaries.

At the Cantastoria exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art I was impressed by a towering book installation signaling a monument to Guttenberg's printing press and a eulogy to the obsolescence of books within 21st Century culture.

I liked the concrete pillar with USB data sticks like dead drops- wouldn't be willing to plug in.

A good rest day.

Location:Rest day, Salt Lake City,Utah.

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that hair cut should last till you get home eh!!