Monday, 6 August 2012

Breathtaking Beartooth Mountain highway.

We set off early and we're soon riding the most magnificent mountain road that I have ever encountered. Spectacular mountain vistas from the summit 3340m were followed with more and more and more.
It was a clear day. We could see forever.

We were above the tops of surrounding mountains.

The road was built in the 1930's. It was a traditional route for Indians and was 'discovered' in 1877 by militia who were in pursuit.

We crossed the continental divide again and from Montana to Wyoming.

We were treated to another stunning mountain pass as we rode to Cody. Dead Indian Pass.

We spent the afternoon at the Buffalo Bill Cody Museum. It is excellent.

Wonderful environmental exhibits for the regions. A Yellowstone to Yukon environmental agreement is in place with cooperation between Canada and USA. The Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park is part of it. Historically animals and people roamed freely on the grasslands from the Yukon to Texas. Millions of bison were reduced to 300 by the 1900. There are now about 2500 in the Yellowstone National Park.
The museum also has a separate hall for the Plains Indians, for firearms (2700 weapons on display) and for art.
We went to the Irma Hotel (Buffalo Bill's hotel) there was no shoot-out because it is Sunday. We met a local who shared his lunch with his dogs Rascal and Patch.

The Bellamy Brothers were singing country music at a concert in the town square. Marvellous chance to watch local people, big straw Stetsons, dancing, eating pulled pork sandwiches and children drinking bright blue and pink shredded ices.
We had a Hawg on a skewer- barbecued pork.

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