Friday, 3 August 2012

Singing in the rain, buffalo jumps, prairie

We had happy news to sing about today.
There was lots of singing.
 In the rain as we left Calgary. Along the long straight roads of the prairie.
"I am the singer, you are the song
As we ride along....
You give me the words
As we ride along
Between fields of wheat
On the road...

If you search pearlsonwheels on you can see higher res images. Or, double click on the image on the blog post.

We stopped at Tim Hortons for coffee and a break from the rain at High River. No, I didn't choose the Long John.

The next stop was at Head-smashed-in--buffalo-jump. A UNESCO world heritage site. The marvellous heritage centre explained the 6000 year old practice of Indian skill in survival based on the buffalo hunt and kill. A discontinued practice because buffalo were almost annihilated in the 19th century when hunters would shoot them indiscriminately.

Then off along the highway through the prairie - grain fields stretching to the foothills in the west and to infinity in the east.

Long stretches of road passed quickly.
I sang and contemplated the people who lived here in ancient times.

Farm shed and houses.

Hay bales stacked and used as advertising billboards for beer.

Through the Border control and a short ride to Babb, Montana. Hallelujah, we found the last room in the motel. We are on the fringe of the Waterston and Glacier National Parks.
No man's land between Canada and USA.

We are in Babb, Montana.

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