Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Over the highest paved road in the world, 12,182'

We're on the way up to Milner Pass in the Rocky Mountain National Park. The Colorado river is a small stream between the road and the railroad.

Multi-hued rocks cut a jagged skyline.

Frequent 20mph road signs please us. On the bike they signal lovely twists and turns abead.

Looking down into the valley which was flooded with snow melt until 4 July. Snowfall last winter was over 400" (10m) - triple the usual. We are back in forest again after several days of desert and grassland.

It's getting higher and colder 7deg C. My camouflage Draggin jeans keep me warm, just. Up to 3 million people visit this national park annually. There was a constant stream of vehicles.

Snow poles give an idea of how much snow falls.

Some people even take their big boats to the summit! We have been on the world's highest motor able road 18,380' - the Rohtang Pass in the Himalayas... And now the highest paved road 12,182' the Milner Pass. When we stopped for lunch I could feel tingling in my fingers and toes... Not just excitement but a touch of altitude sickness. A cup of tea and some water and it passed.

Then it's down hill all the way...

...through rough gaps in rugged rock faces...

and safely home to our very dear friends, Rickard and Shelli Steckel in Littleton, Colorado.

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