Saturday, 4 August 2012

Mist, mountains and huckleberries

Fog enveloped us this morning. As we rode off after breakfast breakfast the fog lifted revealing clear blue skies and another day of Rocky Mountain scenes that were too big for my camera.
The road through Glacier National Park is only 94km but it took us three hours. The scenery kept saying,"Stop, look at me".

Up and over the Logan Pass, 6646' on the continental divide in Glacier National Park. Fresh snow dusted the mountains and ice from last season lingered on the road sides. The temperature dropped to 7.5degC.

The road is closed during winter and roadworks area regular feature for summer traffic.

Huckleberry pie at West Glacier Village, Montana. Huckleberries grow wild in the mountains and look very similar to blueberries. The pie was tart.

These scenes could be Marlborough, NZ during a dry summer.

Sun caught in the eye of a deer which came up close to the hotel.

The cat who knows how to pose. We have seen very few cats during our whole trip.

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