Thursday, 23 August 2012

Hallelujah, it rained in Death Valley today...

...and my fears were washed away.
I confess I wasn't looking forward to the forecast 116degF(45degC) in Death Valley.
As it turned out I had false expectations about the day. That's the way fear operates... False Expectations Appearing Real.
We left Las Vegas at 5.45am so that we could ride through the cooler part of the day.
As we rode through Pahrump the sky had an eerie glow.

By the time we entered Death Valley National Park, the temperature was a cool 28degC

There were flooding road signs

And some surface flooding

The mountains were multihued..
Lightening bolts danced from hill top to hill top and began to dance down to the desert. Thunder rolled and the rain, gentle rain, fell and cooled us.
I have never seen such a spectacular lightening display.

At Badwater -268' below sea level (85.8m) the rain drops cooled us.
These salt flats reminded me of Bonneville and the clever kiwis who created a new land speed record for <1000cc vehicles in a 1964 Mini CooperS

Beautifully arrayed colour palettes

Long straight roads through the desert.
It seems hard to imagine living here. But we saw a couple of Shoshone settlements near Furnace Lodge(where a high of 116degF was expected today). The Bromine Mine museum and the relics on site are a reminder of the harsh work some people do to provide raw materials.

Most of the photographs in this blog were taken from the back of a moving motorcycle.

At Stovepipe Wells, we cooled off from the high of 34degC.

Colour coordinated barriers!

And a few metres on - white rock which I suspect is dolomite.

Another glorious day.

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