Sunday, 19 August 2012

Golden mornings, gold mines, Mesa verde

Early rising has its charms. Delta dawn

Early morning sunlight bathes the farmland with warm golden light...

and castes our shadow to remind us that we are part of the scene.

The flag men are out early hanging the stars and stripes along the street

Ouray, an old gold mining town, oozed character and...

The mountains reminded us of Switzerland

Several active gold mines were busy.

Derelict goldmine buildings in the hills gave a touch of history.

The rocks along the way glowed like gold.

Three major passes offered us the winding roads we prefer. We have ridden over several 12,000' passes and at high altitudes of around 6000' for a week or so now.

Over the hills and far away we arrived at Mesa Verde once the home of Pueblo.

The thinker...

Forest fires have burned over most of the Mesa in recent decades. Regeneration is happening but skeletal trees starkly stand as a reminder if the impact of fires caused by lightening strikes.

A fine Mexican meal in Cortez. Possibly our best meal so far. Parillada; Beef, shrimps, chicken, pork, roast courgettes, tomatoes, onion, mushrooms in a delicious sauce that included garlic and chilli.

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