Thursday, 2 August 2012

From the Mountains to the foothills and a wonderful welcome in Calgary

This sign indicates that the bridge surface is a biker's challenge and I am not to take photographs...

Giant rock massifs accompanied uses we rode over the Highwood Pass in the Lougheed Provincial Park.

We left their mountainous embrace and rode into rolling grassland.

Pump jacks tell us we are in oil country. These pump jacks lazily turn on an elliptical path and cows graze nearby. Every NZ farmer should have an oil well.

We get to graze too.

A young woman at the next table had a steak sandwich for breakfast. She had been camping for a few days. Just reward? Most breakfasts come with a twist of an orange slice. This included water melon and a strawberry.

We rode up the historic Cowboy trail through Black Diamond and Bragg Creek. Horses graze in lovely rural surroundings with grand houses in the background and huge wintering-over sheds for stock.

We feel very at home with Randy and Rosemary in Calgary.

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Anonymous said...

fabulous pearls looking foward to the next cultured string!!! all love Pat & Mike