Sunday, 19 August 2012

Farmland to desert, Monument National Park, Valley of the Ancients

On the road.....

to Monument Valley. Landforms in glorious colour and grander than any cathedral sat imposingly amidst the barren landscape.

Meeting and talking with fellow travellers are highlights of each day.
Nate - a fellow motorcycle adventurer. As a respiratory physiologist he would have been welcome when we were riding over the 12,000'+ passes in Colorado.

We climbed up the side of this huge Mesa.

Hairpin bends

Grand views. Rocks hanging precariously above us.

A patriotic rest stop.
When we stopped for a break we met lovely Fran who reminisced about her extended honeymoon in New Zealand 30 years ago. Come visit again, Fran.

Rocks folded like kneaded dough.

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