Friday, 17 August 2012

Colorado in many Colours

Early start from Denver. We were sad to leave our friends so soon...the road beckons.

This is just what it felt like in the Eisenhower tunnel. Ken is overtaking us on the left.

Coloured belt and holster for my gun - Leadville.

brandiwas teaching these lovely children how to weave with wool and a cardboard loom. I have some of my sons' weaving don't just this way.

Hector is making an air guitar with his weaving.

Coloured boulders brightened up the coal yard.

Over the hills...

Beyond this lake...

To the summit of Independence Pass. 12,095'. Almost the summit of Aoraki Mt Cook in NZ. A vague breathlessness was remedied...

when lovely Diane was curious about our adventure and wanted me to write my email address in her notebook- at the foot of the page I noticed ...

and, on the back cover. "But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength." I thought of a special friend in Auckland. Maybe it encourages you, as it did me.

Then down the hill to lunch in Aspen.

Where a black bear was hiding up an aspen tree in someone's back yard on a main street. We stopped to take a photo. 'Move along' said the sheriff. See if you can see the bear in this photo.

Then round some corners,

Past charcoal kilns

And coal wagons

Huge coalmines

Red hillsides

Safely to Delta.

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