Thursday, 16 August 2012

Denver with baseball highlights

Art lessons with a glass of wine.This store is a great idea.

Corinne and Sarah explained. Each session has a themed piece of art work, an instructor teaches the techniques. Budding artists sip wine and have nibbles. I liked the idea.

Following this taste of art we set off for Coors Stadium, downtown Denver to watch our first professional Baseball game in the USA. incidentally the stadium has stimulated urban renewal in the older inner city area.

We arrived in good time to watch the last of the pitch preparations, mowing, smoothing the sand, wetting the sand and crowds arriving.

Here we are with our hosts, Richard and Shelli Steckel.

Blue cotton candy for boys, pink for girls.

Icecream for mom.

Iced slushies

Collecting our hotdogs.

A beer for anyone?

The happy crowd stand and cheer a home run. Mexican waves, songs like 'Hey, baby' between innings giveaways kept the crowd amused. The game seemed to move along quickly-9 innings in three hours. I enjoyed it and could follow the game with the expert help of Richard and Shelli. There were similarities with my high school softball experience.

The home team, the Rockies Wins!

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