Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Come to the moon.

Dressed for a trip to Craters of the Moon in our helmets and safety gear we tender our Annual National Parks Pass at the entry.
The annual pass cost $80US and allows entry for the two motorbikes and passengers to any National Park for the next year. We are grateful for the advice to purchase an annual pass because it costs around $20 each per entry to a National Park.

In 1923 this place was described by Harold Stearns as "The surface of the moon as seen through a telescope". The craters and lava were nearly destitute of vegetation then. The most recent eruption occurred 2,000 years ago and was part of a series of eruptions from long fissures across the Snake River Plain in SE Idaho.
It was a very hot 37degC as we rode through the park this afternoon.
It was far to hot for comfort. The black lava flows and cinder radiated heat. We kept moving on the motorbike.
Wild flowers have made their home in this inhospitable environment.

Cinder gardens host species which can survive in arid and infertile soil.

People were climbing up the the Snow Cone. We watched from the motorbike.

And the Inferno Cone

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