Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Colours of the day... And an Inspirational story

1000's of miles of newly surfaced blacktop roads, yellow and white road markings throughout our journey suggest this would have been a good year to own a roading business - or to be a black asphalt, yellow paint or white paint supplier.
Where does all the yellow pigment come from?

These roads take us to amazing places.

We meet wonderful park rangers like smile-wide Julie at Canyonlands.

I was excited to meet Connie on the white bike. I first saw her on a shiny battery operated trike. Next thing the trike was being folded away to about the size of a folding bicycle and packed in a carry bag and loaded on to the back of the motorbike along with a metal ramp. She said that it was great for getting around and keeping up with the others. After she was diagnosed with MS her husband modified his bike to become a three wheeler and recently found this trike which weighs only 32lbs. The three wheel motobike configuration allows Connie to keep riding on the motorbike and the trike enables her to keep up with her friends when they stop and go walk about.

Through many miles of desert..

where it was hot...

To Capitol reef which surrounded us with ochre, pink, red and yellow. Even the streams ran the colour of the nearby rock.

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