Monday, 30 July 2012

Wildlife and sunshine

A deer sentinel on watch as we rode along Highway 93.

Dragonflies abound.

Last night we saw a hummingbird sucking nectar from delphiniums. None of us had a camera to record this first hummingbird sighting in our lives. The banners over the road had hummingbird illustrations.

A bald eagle with her eaglets in a nest the size of a single bed on top of a bridge- look carefully at the top of the fourth span for the left

Some sheep - eating road side gravel?? Near Banff

The weather forecast in New Zealand look dismal. Here is some of today's sunshine for you.
As we left Radium Springs we rode through a stunning rock chasm and entered a world of giant rock mountains; some like layers of croissant, folded clay and castles in the air.
We had ridden south on this road on Friday. Today the views were so different it seemed as if I had never been here.

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