Friday, 6 July 2012

Wide open spaces in the Yukon

Day 7: Nugget City to Whitehorse 450km

We left Nugget City (a one family business town with cabins, campsite, RV(motorhome) park and restaurant) and headed out NW along the Alaska highway.
The family had originally been gold and greenstone miners in the Yukon.

We enjoyed the huge vistas and clear blue skies.
Since Vancouver we have ridden through forests almost continuously - 2500km of trees.

This pretty bridge....

had decking like this. I could see the river through it. Dick said it wasn't nice to ride over. I was too busy taking photos to notice.

When I stepped out this motorhome and 4WD rig this afternoon I reckoned it was 30m long. Including the 4WD. We saw a lot of similar vehicles today. Big trailer homes towed by grunt utes are more common. They travel at over 100km/hr and are hard to pass.

This is the paraphernalia I get dressed in each day.
Icebreaker 4 layers (2x320 long sleeved), heated jacket, wind jacket, biker jacket, light weight trousers, biker trousers with quilted linings, braces to hold me together, smart wool socks, boots, helmet and gloves.
I have used the heated jacket each day except today. Even so it got down to 11degC at one stage.

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