Friday, 27 July 2012

When all else is stripped away...

Today I met a man with amazing tattoos. His left arm has images of St Peter and the gates of heaven with angels. His right arm has images of evil.
We had a chat about the design and symbolism of the artwork. He talked to me about the choice we can make between good and evil.
At the beginning of our ride from Prince George to Jasper yesterday a huge billboard shouted to me "Let the mountains move you".

They did.

We have become aware of how little we need and of how much more aware we have become of people, our spiritual selves and our surroundings...when all else is stripped away.

This song came to me as a gift.

"When all else is stripped away
When all else is stripped away
I come to your throne...
And worship you,
Lord, you reach out your arms to me
And welcome me home...
When all else is stripped away."

I shared the lyrics with the man bearing tattoos of heaven and of hell.

His name is Adam.

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