Friday, 20 July 2012

There's gold...

For Dave
Gold Panner at Macetown, NZ

There is a gold rush on here in the Yukon. The price of gold is tempting prospectors. We saw a gold dredge at work on small river beside the Top of the World Highway and a short distance later a man with a sluicing set up and gold pans working on his own.
Apparently last year a kiwi was very successful here near Dawson where gold mining is the main industry.
The Klondike gold strike was in 1898. Dawson is sited at theco fluence of the Klondike and Yukon rivers. Miners had to work through permafrost ice to get to the rock-bearing gold. That gold rush lasted about two years before miners moved west to the Alaskan gold rush.
To help you with your set up the local emporium has everything you will need.


The goldwheel($695 ca)

The micro scales to weigh the small stuff.

The clothes you will need

If all else fails - read the instructions


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