Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Some local colour

Day 5: Stewart to Dease Lake on the Cassiar highway. 400km
Mist disappeared early and we had glorious clear views of the mountains and forests. Mining and forestry in this region.

We stayed at the Ripley Creek Inn next to an estuary that has a Canada Geese nesting area

On the road from Stewart to the junction with Cassiar Highway. We rode through hundreds of kilometers of highway with forests like this. Very low human population. We saw signs with 'next petrol stop 170km'. We also saw a moose in the middle if the highway, who sauntered off, and a dead brown bear on the road side.

The white fluffy things that seemed like snow flakes earlier in the week turned out t be seeds of the cottonwood trees. We took a break near a copse of Cottonwood tress and there was a white carpet on the edge of the road.

A moose up close. We stopped here for lunch. I had a bison burger(without the bun) and sauerkraut.

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