Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Pilates for pillions

Dedicated to Ros, Kathy, Fi, Bobi and Simona
I have developed a Pilates programme for pillion riders on motorbikes.
Road signs area common prompt.
When I see 'shoulder slope' or 'no shoulder' or 'shoulder narrows' I might begin a series for shoulders.

2. Leg raises

Leg stretches
Foot behind the peg for the hamstrings

Leg stretches - foot in front of the peg for the quadriceps

Feet on the pegs and drop heel - calf stretch
Heel on the peg and drop forefoot forward - shin stretch

Head in neutral postion

Note: for any right leaning readers, some of the  photos were taken in Wasilla!
The other photos were taken in Anchorage.
Acknowledgement to Ken and Shirley who took the photographs.
Clothing required for motorbike Pilates includes:-
Four icebreaker tops, a heated jacket, a wind jacket, a top jacket with Kevlar armour, High Visibility vest. Motorbike trousers with Kevlar armour over icebreakers long johns. Motorbike helmet
other equipment
Moving Motorbike and driver.

If I keep to the routine I might be able to do this.

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