Saturday, 7 July 2012

Morel mushrooms

It is the season for morel mushrooms here in the Yukon. Last night I talked with a couple of folk who had a morel stand at the Farmer market in Whitehorse. They were selling dried morels that they harvested last spring. The best place to find them is on the floor of the forests that have had forest fires the previous summer.
This chance meeting explained the mushroom signs we had seen
two days ago on the Cassiar Highway
We came upon 50+ km of forest that had been burned last summer.

It was in this blackened forest we saw lots of temporary campsites with 'mushrooms' signs. There is a small blue camp just visible in this photo.

The morel season lasts about one month in early summer. The morel mushrooms are dried and sold to NewYorkcity and European buyers.

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Two Moto Kiwis said...

The pork price is surprisingly low in Canada, we can't believe it.

We saw the same flowers on the road side, very pretty, didn't have a chance to take photos of them.


Andi and Ellen