Tuesday, 10 July 2012

A long long journey...

Day10: Beaver Creek to Fairbanks 503km.
This seemed like a long long day to me.
We set off at 7.45am and crossed the border From Yukon, Canada to Alaska USA where the temperature dropped to 7.5degC and didn't get warm until we arrived in Tok 13degC. We had brunch at Fast Eddies in Tok. Generous servings. Each serving would have fed a family of four. Eggs benedict for Dick was scrambled egg, sausage meat, mushrooms slathered in white gravy and served with a huge potatoe hashbrown. My vegetarian omelette included every possible vegetable. Topped with avocado. It defeated me upon first sight. Note to self we need to divide our meals from now on. There is a $5 surcharge for shared meals at some places.
We will miss the Tim Hortons latte coffee which we enjoyed in Canada. The display cases filled with frosted doughnuts were merely a backdrop for the coffee. Not tempted.
We crossed the border from Canada to Alaska/USA

From the Yukon

To Alaska
Mountain ranges in the southeast.

And lakes galore.

And many braided rivers

And many very big mountains.

Our first sighting of the Alaskan oil pipeline over the Gertl river

Storm clouds over Eielson Airbase

We visited North Pole today. What do you think Dick asked Santa for?

We met Jo and Brian Bosch from Featherston, NZ who have been on the road for ten weeks. They have ridden from LA to Key West to Nova Scotia, New Brunswick on the eastern seaboard and back west through the US and Canada to Alaska. Wow.

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