Tuesday, 24 July 2012

How far, so far?

We rode out of Vancouver 28 June 2012
Our average daily distance is 380 km/day (excluding rest days)
I'll update this page to show cumulative distance.
4141km Vancouver to Deadhorse, Prudhoe Bay
796 Prudhoe to Fairbanks via Wiseman
577 Fairbanks to anchorage via Denali
512 Anchorage to Tok via Glenn Highway
301 Tok to Dawson city
531 Dawson to faro
425 Faro to Watson lake
525 Watson lake to fort Nelson
530 Fort Nelson to Chetwynd
310 Chetwynd to Prince George
379 Prince George to Jasper
386Jasper to Radium Hot Springs via lake Louise. Cumulative 9443km
287 Radium Hot Springs to Kananaskis
230 to Calgary via Turner Valley and Bragg Creek
269 Calgary to Babb, Montana
383 Babb to Lincoln
507 Lincoln to Red Lodge
179 Red Lodge to Cody over Bear Tooth Pass
445 Cody to Jackson, Wyoming via Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks
377 Jackson, Wyoming to Hailey, Idaho
321Hailey to Boise Idaho
428 Boise to Elko, Nevada
Cumulative 12,899 km

Location:On the back of A motorbike.

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Anonymous said...

HI Diana,

I am impressed with the KM covered and all the beautiful shots. Have just returned to Auckland after an unexpected month in Australia. Thrilled it is all going so well.

Best wishes Michelle 2D