Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Heading west. Whitehorse to Beavercreek

Day 9 Whitehorse to Beaver Creek 423km
I have had some problems uploading photos today.
From the Yukon capital to the westernmost community of Canada.
Vast open spaces, big skies, and a warm welcome at Buckshot Bettys at Beaver Creek. Each day we meet people on the road at pullouts(laybys) which are often near especially scenic spots
Glowing fireweed has garnished the roadsides for many miles. Small lupins take their turn. Wildflowers are abundant.The forests are mainly aspen and spruce. They march alongside the road and into the far distance.

We had a ten minute micro pause while we waited for the pilot vehicle to take us through several miles if road repairs. Dainty little pink flags alert us to undulations and pot holes caused by frost damage to the roads.

There are huge skies on this trip. From the back of the bike I see cloud formations that merge and change and sometimes they let loose their surplus water.
Our little cabin for four at Beaver Creek. Shirley at the door to welcome us.

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