Friday, 20 July 2012

Camping in a wigwam

Sometimes my mother used to say she was "making a wigwam for a goose's bridle".

Now I have slept in a wigwam in an idyllic forest setting. No sign of a goose's bridle.
 It was the quirkiest camp ground we have stayed in.
As well as camp sites there were a selection of unusual 'cabins'. Ken and Shirley slept in an ambulance.

The host set the fire in the rustic steam room. I collected caribou moss, bark and wood for the fire in a wheel rim. Shirley and Ken cooked a lovely meal on the smokin' Joe camp oven.

 All is well.

From our teepee door at 11pm.

Location:Tok, Alaska


Two Moto Kiwis said...

We stayed with CJ (he was in Long Way Round) at Tok, so missed the camping ground. Good to see some photos.

Andi and Ellen

Diana said...

We were at Thompsons Eagle's Claw camp. Great for motorcyclists. You are wonderful ambassadors for New Zealand. Everyone we meet tells us they met these two terrific kiwis, Andi and Ellen. You have paved the way. Thanks!