Thursday, 5 July 2012

Camping at Waters Edge Camping Ground, Dease Lake

Day 5.
Perfect location, great dinner, limited facilities.
A scouts own kind of stop.
No rain, a bit chilly and a good chance to try out our camping gear. It worked out well.
Most campers bring their motorhomes-hence the limited facilities for tenting.

Bears? you ask... There was a family of mother and two brown bears on the property by the roadside and a three year old that had been cast out of the family. We were assured that they wouldn't enter the camp.
In the morning a neighbouring camper showed us his mace that he carried everywhere on site and his mini cannon which made a loud noise and also used flas which both would scare off bears.
We weren't scared!

DIck is a master chef whenever we go camping. His reputation is intact.

Evening by the shore. The sun was up until after 10pm.


kiwikim said...

hi diana & dick - kim wallace here (daughter of your cousin jude!) what a couple of great adventurers you are. i totally admire what you are doing. my partner pete and son lennox and i are heading to belize & mexico at the end of the year (hoping to pop over to tikal in guatemala and possibly zip over to cuba as well but we only have 6 weeks so we shall see) mum suggested i check out your blog. i'm not much of a blogger so not even sure if you will get this! you must be mad keen to be doing it all on a motorbike... travelling lightly is not a real strong point of mine (i try!) anyway i will be following your journey with great interest and am sending some warm thoughts your way xx regards kim

Diana said...

Hi Kim, great to hear from you. You have the adventurous Reader streak,too. Dick's blog has some info about our proposed itinerary including Mexico.