Wednesday, 25 July 2012

A day on the road.

A lovely short ride today through serene lakesides, roaring waterfalls, and rivers braiding their way along the valley floor.
We had breakfast at Tim Hortons at Chetwynd. The store serves coffee ( the nearest to a flat white that we have found so far) and cafe food. Beware of the tempting doughnuts. It seemed so clean and new that we thought it had just opened. We discovered it opened 28 December 2011. 26 staff from the Philippines were recruited to staff the store. Recruiting local people had not been successful. The two coal mines and two lumber companies offered jobs at better pay so locals were not tempted by the service jobs. Apparently the supermarket and a burger store also are staffed by filipino staff. Imagine coming from the from tropical Philipines to snow deep winter in Canada. I was told that the locals had made the staff feel very welcome and had provided Christmas dinner and continued support.
Whenever I see Tim Horton I am reminded of Tom Horton a wonderful man who used to deliver groceries to our farm from the Four Square Store in Havelock. That thought was followed by being thankful for all the people who were kind to me as a child.
I have a great time in that wonder that lies beneath my helmet.
So many people and so much to be thankful for.
Chetwynd has annual International Chainsaw carving competitions and there were examples on display throughout the town.
It is also on the flight path over the arctic circle... Look at the sky in the first photograph.
'Late for Dinner' First prize 2005

Lovely scenery accompanied us as we rode from Chetwynd in the foothills of the Rockies on highway 97 through several BC Provincial Parks and over the Continental Divide at Summit Lake.

Bijoux Falls where vivid blue Stellers Jay birds have their home.

Our first sights of farmland in three weeks. We are on the northern limits for farming here.
Yesterday we rode through Peace Valley which bore signs protesting against hydro dam C which would flood the farmland

And today, haymaking near Prince George.

The road side windflowers looked very familiar... daisies, white and red clover, dandelions, goldenrod, yarrow and wheat on the verge near recent roadwork.

At our stop today I was sorely tempted by the fireworks on display at a petrol station / cafe.
Serious attentions seeking fireworks. I love fireworks. We had noticed fireworks advertised as we rode along and today I discovered they are available year round. People buy them for celebrations, birthdays, graduations and the like.
These boxes are about 1m tall. Cost $67Can

Location:Chetwynd to Prince George

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Anonymous said...

Hi Guys
We are leaving Prince George today Wed 25 July heading to Jasper & Banff the Calgary.We have found 30 Kiwis heading to sturges. Where are you guys at the moment and where are you heading over the next few days. BBnJo