Wednesday, 27 June 2012


I can see why Vancouver is rated as the most livable city in the world. It also has the highest cost of living in North America.
The weather for midsummer is cool and fine, so far. Glorious sunshine yesterday. Today I am wearing two Icebreaker layers. Speaking of which, I saw Icebreaker in a store yesterday and it was cheaper than NZ (including exchange).
The ease of getting around makes Vancouver a great place to visit. Within 24 hours we had roved the city, walked 8km around Stanley Gardens on a coastal walkway.
The walkways and cycleways are very impressive. There are dedicated cycle lanes on some main streets. The taxis are nearly all Hybrid cars, the Skytrains are electric, there are trolley buses and conventional buses.

The air is clear.
Traffic is considerate.
Cars stop well back from intersections and wait for pedestrians to cross. I feel very safe as a pedestrian.
Yesterday I walked back from Granville past lots of small galleries, lunched at the Omelettery, hopped on the little ferry and then walked into the CBD to Gastown.

Flowers are everywhere. The median strips in town are planted- good for discouraging jaywalking.
The luscious purple fuchsias, florid red, orange and yellow begonias,
multihued petunias in hanging baskets are all around the city. Big planter boxes welcome people to Banks and office buildings.
Small green areas with sculptures and plants bring life to the city.

Foxgloves and poppies waved to me as I walked up Burrard Street from the ferry

A Chinese warrior army stands at intersections and on the footpath at strategic places. They are to be auctioned for children's charities.

Vegetables and flowers mingle in a large inner city garden where people have small allotments (they pay $10 per year).

The greening includes trees on roof tops of high rise buildings.

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