Tuesday, 26 June 2012

A hat to cool the wonder...

that is under my hair - and has 'all perils' insurance for 2 years (even if it is eaten by a crocodile), and a lifetime guarantee.

Finding a good sun hat was my only shopping mission in Vancouver. I had heard of Tilley hats which are Canadian, and was keen to find one. I located the store after a sky train ride and a bus trip to the west side of the False Creek. Worth the effort. I received more attention than when buying a hat for the races.
The service included lessons on how to make the hat secure for windy conditions and how to wash the hat. The no perils insurance covers loss. If I lose it I can get a replacement for half price.
I always wondered why my head gets hot when we go tramping. Little 'taps' beside my brow turn on. Now I know why.
I love this explanation from owners manual for my hat which says...
"Compared to the rest of the body, our head expels a great deal of heat; sometimes it gets quite wet because of the massive evaporation needed to cool the wonder that rests within."

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