Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Shopping for suspenders...

The truth test came this afternoon when I tried on my 'leathers'. The trousers fell down and the jacket was too big. The kevlar protective armour for my knees and hips was in the wrong place... on the floor!
But the helmet still fitted!
I have shrunk - a lot.
What shall I do? New gear or braces?

I adjusted all the adjustable parts of my gear and we rode off to Metropolis, the biggest mall in British Columbia, which is about 2km down the road.
The mission - to do a test ride, to find braces to hold my gear up, and to get some gas canisters for the gas cooker.

All the fitness work has paid off. I hopped on board with ease.
The Metropolis mall has 450 stores some, like Sears, are the size of a city block. We found an Atmosphere store which had a great range of camping gear and Zellers who had in stock 4 pairs of braces - a.k.a here as suspenders. There waiting for me was the perfect pair - black with small polka dots. The brand 'Dickies'.

Be patient folks...There is going to be an 'on the back of the bike' in this blog - here is Dick at work this morning reassembling Mella.


frank wilson mccoll said...

Great pictures, Diana! Well done on the shrinking too... Vancouver does look like a lovely place to live. Happy riding!

Diana said...

Thanks, Frank. I have had a lovely time sharing Vancouver with Shirley today. Great to have another girl on the team!