Saturday, 23 June 2012

Departure day - spring cleaning and secrets

Thank you for the lovely messages over the last few days.
All your prayers and kind thoughts will sustain me.

Why do I spend hours on the last day cleaning and tidying and attending to things that, on reflection, don't matter? It's a bit like when birth is imminent.
I have been thinking about this today as I emptied out the freezer, packed up stuff from my pantry, tidied up, and arranged my clothes in my wardrobe. Why?
I didn't polish the silver!

Another question...
Over the last week people have shared all sorts of secrets - what a privilege. I wonder why we do this when we say farewell?


Anonymous said...

I also wonder why we rush around like mad things doing all those things.GEE that photo of you with the helmet on is Mum over again. KEEP US POSTED ON ALL TRAVELS. Love your big sister Yvonne and take care.xxxxx

Diana said...

Just because...we are innately tidy and like everything to be in order;-)