Friday, 29 June 2012

A day in the forest and atop a mountain

Dick and I left town for the day yesterday.
We rode to the Capilano Bridge and then up the road to Grouse mountain.

We had an excellent introduction to British Columbian temperate forest flora and fauna at the Capilano suspension Bridge where the owners have done a great job with tracks, treetop walks and a cliff walk. The interpretation panels were inspiring and informative.

We later went to Grouse mountain which is visible from the CBD and is a few km up the road from Capilano.
We went up to 4100' by cable car and then in a chairlift. We felt quite at home in Queenstown with snow in mid summer.

We met our first grizzly bears, Coola and Grinder who were reared as orphans

A viewing platform just underneath the propellers on this wind turbine on top of Grouse mountain. Great views and lots of information about wind generated electricity.

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