Thursday, 30 June 2016

Days 28 and 29 Seljord to Stalheim to Geiranger 990 km

 Two days of sensory overload.
Mountains, rivers, waterfalls...
Fjords, snowy mountain tops...
It's  the mind that imagined and the hand that created all this....

Good roads..
Each day has several major ascents and descents on switch back roads.
Yesterday we saw the most amazing lookout point at the summit of a zigzag.
Beautiful design which made us feel like we were flying like birds over the road we had just ridden.
By chance we met the architect and the contractor who were on site.
It's the people who imagine and create...

Tunnels galore...
100km of tunnels Monday 80km tunnels yesterday...
20% of each day in tunnels.
Some new tunnels with technicolor lighting, 
Some tunnels with spirals - a continuous left turn for several km had me puzzled for a moment.
My brother is a tunnelling engineer and I have been thinking of him and the tunnellers around the world.
It's the people who imagine and create...

We ride through farm land.
Small fields on hillsides with freshly mown hay
Freshly spread manure
Some sheep, some cows in the fields.
Cherry orchards, apples, berries...
In this country with only 3% arable land...
It's the people who imagine and create...

Ferry rides - for our own fjord cruise
Lots of cruise ships in quite small ports. 
200 ships are due in Geiranger this year. Five on one day.

It's the food each day and the hands that prepare it...

It's Dick who imagined and created this adventure.

I am blessed.

Photos are delayed for now.

Wild raging torrents...


The view from our bedroom window at Stalheim Hotel.
And the Stalheimsklem is the route we rode up. 
A one way road for downward traffic. 
The steepest twisted road I have ever ridden on.
I prayed, many angels came, we arrived safely.

The GPS. Sometimes the pink spaghetti was piled on top of itself as we went down corkscrew tunnels.
This cantilevered view point let me feel like a bird flying over the landscape.
The National Tourist Routes in Norway are greatly enhanced with marvellous opportunities to observe the surroundings from especially built structures.
This structure is new. So new that the architect and the engineer were on site with others while we visited.
Eivind the architect from Code Architecture  and Steinar who oversaw the construction.



Aurland Tunnel 27 km with artistic lighting. This is the longest tunnel in Europe 
The Bu tunnel with roundabouts lit up in blue. Useful roundabouts - we needed to go back the way we had come.

The mouth of the Bu tunnel at the end of the Hardanger bridge. The longest suspension bridge in Europe.




Charming Annu served us coffee and cake.
Fuelled up we were ready for the Geiringer descent.
This photo is from the public domain showing the road down the mountain.

Plenty of hairpins.
Geiranger our destination for tonight.
High in the hills we can smell the exhaust from this Cruise ship in port.

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