Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Day 57: Little Falls MN to Huron SD 460km

Little Falls, Minnesota straddles the Mississippi River.

It is also the birthplace of Charles Lindbergh.

I smiled when I read in a brochure that 'his father was a lawyer, his mother was an educated woman'. 

I was curious and found out that she was a teacher.

Come for a ride through the back roads of the Minnesota prairies.

If you are quiet you will hear the corn growing.

Very soon we are riding through the prairies.
Although the roads tend to have long straight stretches they are not boring.
Farm houses, barns and small clusters of trees dot the landscape.
Town water supply towers loom large in every town.
Grand old houses sit next door to modern houses much like they do in rural towns in New Zealand.
The wheat and barley crops are ripening.

There are numerous ponds and lakes.

Yes, there is a town called Starbuck.
Seed and fertilisers are stored in silos. Most farms have silos and there are huge silos in every town.

When we hear our name mentioned in a crowd our ears prick up.

Our eyes do the same even when the sign is faded. Hubbards Sunshine

'Feed concentrates for phased feeding'

Hay is being baled all along the long acre beside the roads.


Around the bend in the road..

...is Hubbard Feeds Inc.

We stop nearby for coffe and Shirley gives me a royal welcome - and a prayer for our safe journey
Farm buildings with a difference...

...Over the road is a cross and a miniature church.
Double rail tracks stretch to infinity.
We stop for an icecream in De Smet, South Dakota.

De Smet was the home for a time of Laura Ingalls Wilder author of Little Town on the Prairie. Each summer there is a festival and tours of the sites in the town that are mentioned in the book.


We ride on into the westerly sun to Huron a prairie town and our home for tonight.



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