Thursday, 22 November 2012

Copiapo to Pichidangui

We leave the Atacama desert behind today. 

We are beginning to adapt to the Chilean day. Later starts in the morning and dinner at 8.30pm.  It feels strange after rising early to get on the road to make good progress before the thunder storms or darkness beat us to our destination.
Breakfast was at 7.30am so we left later than we have for the last few weeks.
We have no deadlines now. But that great magnet is sucking us south.
Something is sucking the heat out of the days, too. It is cold and foggy.

Our bike is high enough for me to sometimes make eye contact with the truck drivers. A friendly wave is rewarded with a toot on the horn. We meet truckers at the various road stops. They are interested in our adventure.

The fog clears. I am a blue sky person. Spirits lift.

Come on a ride with me.

Fog descends. This solar powered car is being towed.

Fishermen, home from the sea at Pichidangui - our home for the night.

Poised, ready for a morsel.

Such an obedient dog. I had no treats for him. But we looked deep into each others eyes!

An expectant spectator.

Getting the nets ready for tomorrow.

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