Friday, 24 August 2012

Sing more... Talk less

Something wonderful happens when we sing. Joy, freedom and peace. Singing a Capella liberates the soul. Introspection and over thinking disappear. I forget I am on a motorbike and the wonder that is under my helmet is free to listen and to create.
For the first hour or so I became very aware of the wind as we rode along.
Wind, wind blow on me... It did, songs came... about reconciliation.
We stopped for coffee and this tiny stone in a dish peeped out from beside the muffin basket.

We were at Lee Vining near Lake Mono where the third and fourth generations are working on water conservation. Water rom Lake Mono goes to Los Angeles in underground aqueducts. The lake is much smaller now. Water conservation projects and restoration of the lake environment have been underway for years.

Then on the road through Yosemite National Park. Yosemite is a very large stone - 80 x 40 miles of granite shaped by glaciers. The grandeur of this huge stone made my heart sing.

No words are needed

Sweet singing wafted through the trees. It was David. He talked to me of many things including guardian angels.

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